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Daylight Fluorescent Pigments can be vastly applied for plastics, inks, paints, textile printing, poster colors, papers, stationery, toys, safety markers, sports and leisure goods etc.
Nanochemitek (Yangzhou) Corp
is specialized in manufacturing high grade fluorescent pigments. Our products are widely used for plastics, printing inks, coatings, textile printing pastes, advertising materials, toys, safety markers and sporting goods etc.
We welcome the opportunity of establishing mutual-beneficial business with all distributors worldwide.

Nanochemitek (Yangzhou) CorpNano-glo ZQ Fluorescent Pigments
Nano-glo AS Fluorescent Pigments
Nano-glo PS Fluorescent Pigments
Nano-glo FB Fluorescent Pigments
Nano-glo EBT Fluorescent Pigments
Nano-glo GS Fluorescent Pigments
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