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Daylight Fluorescent Pigments can be vastly applied for plastics, inks, paints, textile printing, poster colors, papers, stationery, toys, safety markers, sports and leisure goods etc.
EBT series

Available Colors:

EBT-12    Cerise

EBT-15    Orange

EBT-17    Yellow

EBT-18    Green

EBT-21    Rose

EBT series fluorescent pigments is widely applied togift wrap, label, candy wrapping material printing and other glass, metal products printing purposes.

EBT series fluorescent pigments are easily soluble in printing ink solvent, Recommend to use for indoor purpose that light fastness is not required.

Physical Properties & Chemical Nature:
1. Appearance: =100-mesh fine powder.

2. Solubility
Solvents Ethyl
Xylene Benzyl
Ethanol Isopropanol Dipropylene
Solubility excellent excellent excellent good as cosolvent as cosolvent excellent good

3. Compatibility: Not recommend with polyamide with polyamide resins; but can be used with most plasticizers.

4. Compatibility with paint film forming agent
Paint film forming agent nitrated cellulose ethyl cellulose butyric ester soluble in ethanol
Compatibility excellent excellent common
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